Porch Margarita recipe

My friend gave me this recipe (it is also what I have been drinking tonight and I feel fanfuckingtastic right now) and it’s like one of the best drinks ever. It’s called the Porch Margarita (and contains no tequila)

1 bottle of citron vodka (or rasberry like we had tonight which was pretty damn good and might even be better)

I can of frozen limeade limeade

2 bottles of Corona



Put the contents of the can of frozen limeade into a pitcher. Fill the can twice with water and pour into pitcher. Add the bottle of vodka. Add both bottles of Corona. Add ice. BOOM! YOU’RE DONE. Consume.

WARNING: If you drink an entire pitcher of this stuff you will most likely black out as it’s an entire fifth of vodka plus beer. Unless  you’re a hardcore alcoholic or something. I speak from experience. DO NOT DRINK THE ENTIRE THING TO YOURSELF. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. But for reals…it’s probably not a good idea.


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