#FireWilson is still my rally cry

I will never hide my ecstatic joy that McLellan was fired (I’m sorry, “Mutually parted ways”) along with the rest of the coaching staff. It’s almost all of what I wanted to see done. The one thing that hasn’t happened (YET) is the firing of Douglas Wilson aka ASSHAT GM. Because I like comparisons, I compare this to my NBA team, the Sacramento Kings. I find it awful that in his presser Doug Wilson compared this Sharks team to the Warriors. That is so not the case, it’s more like the Kings.

Let’s look at this:

2001-02 The last season the Kings made the Conference finals. Lost in 7 to the Lakers. Adelman was our coach

2006 Adelman fired. Even though they did make the post season, the team went out in the first round to the much better Spurs.

4 years separated these events. Kings haven’t made the postseason since then.

2010-11 The last season the Sharks made the Conference finals. Lost in 5 to the Canucks. McLellan was our coach.

2015 McLellan fired. Sharks didn’t make the post season since the 2002-03 season

4 years separated these events. Fingers crossed Sharks made the postseason next year.

I get that it’s two different sports, but the similarities are…unsettling. The biggest problem with the Kings was ownership, WORST OWNERS EVER, and their losing of funds and the keeping of Geoff Petrie, WORST GM EVER, who did nothing but sabotage in the years after to make this team worse and worse and worse. Draft picks, trades, not picking up legit FA’s, bad contracts. It was all bad. (caused me to leave NBA fandom for a long time actually)

Now this Sharks team is better at drafting, but the rest, well DW gives the impression of trying to not win. He can say he’s “transparent” all he wants, doesn’t mean he is.

My biggest fear after all of this is that DW will stick around as long as Petrie did for the Kings. He was only fired in 2013 after the ownership change. Without firing Wilson, firing McLellan and the coaching staff is moot. He’ll just replace them with guys he feels buy into his system of….grit and being good in the room or something.

Next season is sure gonna be interesting.

On a side note: If the Maloofs are really part of the organization that’s trying to get NHL expansion in Vegas and own that team, this is the worst idea ever. Those clowns should never be let near another professional team in their lives. Even as minority owners.

P.S. Still upset we traded Demers


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